Peter Gerasimon Painting Workshops Arts Classes 

Peter Gerasimon Paintings Art Classes

Painting Workshops for Ages 7 to 17 as well as Painting Workshops for ages 16 and over


Imortant Notice:

2018 Adults Workshops until end of February/ to resume in November/ December

2018 Kids Workshops to resume in November

Peter Gerasimons drawing and Painting

How to Paint

Theory of colour, type of stroke, texture, light, shadows, composition, media. Techniques: watercolour, tempera, acrylic, oil, mixed. Materials: surface preparation, handling, restoring etc.

Drawing with Peter Geasimon how to draw

How to Draw

Length, shape, composition, system of relationships, line, vanishing point, perspective. Drawing techniques: charcoal, pencil, crayons, pastels, inks, markers.

Join  Us

Join our drawing and painting workshops We strongly believe that there is a connection between art, body and soul. Art is to learn something about ourselves and the world in which we live. Art encourages a culture of questions rather than a culture of responses. Art provides means to a common ground, inspires new ideas, encourages observation, develops attention to detail and gives you an open minded perspective of the world.


Welcome to our Studio Workshop

Our studio is designed to accommodate younger and older generations. We have painting and drawing sessions for children, teenagers and adults. Come and join our courses and enjoy. Refreshments are served while working, drawing, painting, chatting with fellow students in our studio. This is more than a Painting Studio. You will find a place where you can feel at ease and relaxed, like at home. We invite you to boost your creativity by making drawing and painting a part of your lifestyle.

We welcome individuals of diverse backgrounds, experience and skill levels. We are also specialized on beginners.




Young Kookaburra Painting by Peter GerasimonBush Magic Painting by Peter GeasimonThe Lady in Black Painting by Peter GerasimonPear Study One painting by Peter GerasimonArt Work by Peter Gerasimon Art Work by Peter Gerasimon
 Gibraltar Painting by Peter Gerasimon Italian Window with White Cat Painting by Peter Gerasimon The Farmer Boy Painting by Peter Gerasimon